Our Books Are Written By Hugo Smienk, A Dutch-Born Author Who Has Written In Various Genres, Including Fiction, Thrillers, Novels, Hard-Boiled Crime, A Chick Lit, And A Memoir.

Meet Hugo Smienk, an author whose literary journey spans continents and emotions. With a passion for globetrotting and an unyielding love for red wine, Hugo weaves tales that whisk readers away to the extraordinary.

His latest work, ‘The Broken Traveler,’ transcends traditional memoirs. Beyond its exotic locales and wanderlust-filled adventures, it delves deep into the tempestuous seas of heartbreak and the uncharted waters of divorce.

Hugo’s writing isn’t confined to the well-worn path; it’s an unorthodox voyage that takes you from the abyss of the past and propels you forward toward healing.

Hugo’s previous books have graced the shelves of the Netherlands and made appearances in prestigious contests, although accolades never defined his craft. His writing is an invitation to readers to join him on a journey that transcends fleeting trends—a journey guided by authentic storytelling.

From the book; The Broken Traveler…

…Someone shouts, ‘Hey, there are guests!’ He points to the entrance, and I
see a few cars with typical Dutch caravans approaching. You can recognize
the Dutch by the sagging of the back of the caravan, likely packed with
potatoes from Holland.
The cars pull up to the reception. I feel an impulse to help them and
climb out of the water. My already tanned, young body and my onehanded jump
over the fence apparently make quite an impression.
The old lady, Maria’s father’s sister, tells her brother; ‘Well Cornelis,
there goes your son-in-law,’ when she sees me jump over the fence.
Drops of water sparkle in the warm sunlight, and the sight of a young
man wearing only his swimming trunks, arouse her romantic feelings.

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